Diabetes Care in the Victorville, CA Area

When you've been diagnosed with diabetes, learning how to manage its effects can be challenging. You'll need to control your blood sugar level through diet and exercise to avoid serious complications. You can rely on Razi Medical Group for personalized diabetes care, education, and support designed to develop your knowledge and confidence to help you stay healthy.

Diabetes Education

Trained diabetes educators work with our practice to provide public education sessions about type 2 diabetes. These classes cover nutritional concerns for people with diabetes, including foods to avoid, the role of carbohydrates, planning meals, eating in restaurants, and reading food labels. The educators also discuss the importance of physical activity in managing diabetes and provide exercise demonstrations and motivational tips. These classes provide an opportunity for hands-on learning and include take-home materials for reference.

Personalized Support

In addition to these group sessions, our patients have access to one-on-one support from our doctors and diabetes educators as part of our services. We can help you develop a nutritional plan tailored to your condition, health status, and other factors. Having a team to support you as you learn to manage this chronic condition can help you avoid complications and improve outcomes.

If you need help managing type 2 diabetes or are concerned about your risk for this illness, schedule an appointment with Razi Medical Group today. Fill out our contact form online or call 760-245-6106.