Medical Services in Victorville, CA

See that your family gets appropriate health care by visiting the Razi Medical Group in Victorville, CA for primary care and internal medicine. We offer a wide range of medical services to patients in the High Desert

What We Offer

Our doctors provide professional health solutions for patients at all stages of life, from the youngest infants to seniors. Here are some of the services we offer.

Primary Care Service

We provide pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients with professional health solutions, including routine checkups and screening tests by Dr. Milani and Dr. Hadidchi. Both doctors are experienced in diagnosing and treating common chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol along with many other health issues.


Seniors receive the specialized geriatric services they need as well as skilled nursing facility care and palliative care by Dr. Milani.


Ensure that your child remains healthy as he or she grows with well visits, preventive care, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pediatric conditions.

Aesthetic and Cosmetology

Dr. Shima Hadidchi has many years of experience and advanced training in aesthetics and cosmetology. Drop by our office today, and let us help you look your best. We are pleased to carry Image Skincare products. Image Skincare has an array of options to accommodate every skin type. To find out what product is best for you, speak with our friendly staff.


General Surgery and Robotic Surgery

Dr. Andrew Iraniha is board-certified in general and robotics surgery. He is also an attending professor at the UCR School of Medicine, where he is training future physicians. Recently, Dr. Iraniha started a practice in the High Desert.

Women’s Well-Being

We offer a variety of women's health services, including regular checkups, Pap smears, and breast cancer screenings, provided by physicians and nurse care providers with extensive experience in this field.

Hospital Service

Dr. Milani and his team provide care for patients at three hospital locations: St. Mary's Hospital, Desert Valley Hospital, and Victor Valley Hospital. Our patients will receive comprehensive medical care at all levels, including intensive care, cardiac care, telemetry, and surgery, from admission through discharge.

Weight Loss Management

Shima Hadidchi, M.D. strives to help patients attain an optimal BMI and body fat percentage with proper diet and exercise. Dr. Hadidchi also prescribes medications when appropriate for a patient's health and medical condition. 

Hospice and Home Health Care

We offer hospice and home health care for patients of all ages. Our goal is to improve their quality of life through compassionate assisted living.

Diabetes Education

The Razi Medical Group offers free diabetes education to the public conducted by trusted diabetes educators. Our educators will help you learn more about type 2 diabetes and provide personalized support to help you make positive health changes. We also provide our clients with one-on-one dietary consultations.

Session Topics

Eating Healthy:

- Types of food

- Meal planning

- Carbs

- Tips for eating out

- How to read food labels

Being Active:

- Fit physical activities into your life

- Exercise demonstrations

- Staying motivated

Our topics combine informative resources, discussions, and activities to create a hands-on learning environment. Each topic also includes supporting take-home materials.

Get on the path to being healthier. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our providers